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My beloved family in Jesus Christ, I wish you had a happy, peaceful and blessed New Year. Unfortunately, these words do not currently apply to our Iranian members and the people of Iran, because for a few days now there have been major unrest in Iran, as you surely have heard from the media. People die from bullets on the streets and yet they go out on the streets, wanting to express their dissatisfaction. The pictures we got today from Iran all the time reminded me of the 1979 demos and the revolution. At that time the demonstrators said – down with Shah – and today they say – low with Khamenei (the Islamic leader) For weeks, before, our members were worried about their loved ones in Iran because the earthquake in Iran destroyed some cities and many people lost their lives and belongings. And now it comes to this large and apparently well-organized protest in many cities of Iran. Even though the people of Iran know that it is life-threatening to demonstrate against the regime, the protests are already at the beginning of the demonstrations, almost throughout the country. All our members are very concerned about their beloved families and joy and about the country. I telephoned today for a short time with my mother (82 years old) who lives near Tehran. She was very careful on the phone, which is not her style at all. And she kept saying God has everything in his hands. We rely on him. Tell the siblings to join us and Iran in their prayers. Please pray for Iran. Thank you for being there for us. Our Lord Jesus give you his peace and his rich blessing.
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