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Who We Are and What We Believe

We are a community of people who believe in Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior, whose death and resurrection for our salvation shows us His mighty power over sin. He has forgiven and continues to forgive all who confess their belief in Him, He has cleansed us and enables us to live new lives doing His work in this world. He has filled us with the Holy Spirit which leads and directs our steps as we seek to become more like Jesus, sharing the Gospel through love and deeds with those in our neighborhoods, the Johnson City community and around the globe. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and has authority in our lives as we strive to grow in Christ and go into the world to serve others in His name.

First Presbyterian Church, Johnson City (FPCJC) is on a mission to glorify God, to grow in the faith of His word and to go share the happy news of Jesus as Savior. We, as a church, love all people as God’s own. We welcome all people to join with us as we do the work of the Lord attempting to bring Him glory and to grow in faith as we enjoy the boundless grace promised to us in the Gospel.

Beyond the above description of our beliefs, FPCJC also affirms its roots in the Reformed theological tradition with committed Protestant Reformers such as John Calvin and John Knox among others as our forbearers. We consider ourselves as an evangelical church, as we emphasize personal trust in Jesus and His atoning sacrifice on the cross, believe the Scriptures are the authoritative word of God, and actively participate in spreading the Gospel message for the redemption of all creation. Recently we have joined with other Presbyterian churches in the Fellowship of Presbyterians to better connect with like-minded bodies of believers to share the gospel throughout our communities and the world.

Although we are also part of the Presbyterian Church USA, we disagree with its current trend of focusing on political activity and taking stands on political and cultural issues that divide and alienate individuals and populations thereby distracting from the work of the Church. These stands have questionable Biblical grounding and deter individuals on their path to salvation or in their daily attempts to glorify God, grow in faith and go into the world to share the love of Christ. Certain issues and recent votes in the General Assembly have effectively changed our interpretation of the Bible and the Presbyterian Confessions in submission to current cultural trends. FPCJC specifically objects to PCUSA’s interpretations of Scripture, authority, Christology (both the person and work of Christ) and the extent of salvation (universalism) that blur the foundations of our theological, confessional, and missional heritage to conform to current cultural and secular trends.

As we have done for the nearly 150 years, First Presbyterian Church in Johnson City, Tennessee will continue to focus on the important and unifying call to follow Jesus, our Savior and Lord, as expressed in God’s authoritative word, the Bible.


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