If you are desiring to use the facilities of First Presbyterian Church for an event, please complete the following application and click on the submit button once the form is completed.  Please note:

  • All church related events must be approved at First Presbyterian staff meetings.
  • All non-church related events must be approved by the staff and Session at their meetings.
  • Approval of facility use is dependent on numerous factors, other events scheduled for the same day, personnel availability, etc.
  • If you are desiring to use the church kitchen, you must fill out an additional Kitchen Use Form that can be picked up from the church office.
  • If use of the church nursery is requested, you will need to contact the Children’s Director for Use and Guidelines.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs is strictly prohibited on church property.
  • Your group is responsible for leaving the areas used in as good condition as existed at the start of the event.  Groups not returning areas used to the Building Superintendent’s standards may be billed for custodial services.
  • The group &/or responsible party agree to pay for any damages that occur to the facilities caused by their use.
  • First Presbyterian Church reserves the right to prohibit use of the facility to any group for any event.

Upon completion of the form, be sure to click on the submit button.  Once a decision has been made regarding the application, you will be contacted by the church.  If the application is approved, then you will need to drop by the church office to sign the agreement form.  A fee may be required to use the church facilities.

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