(With explanation of facilitated application process)

If you have limited mobility and desire more independence, we want to inform you of an exciting new opportunity for our church family. Our Elder Ministry Program has been in contact with the Johnson City Transit System (JCT) to discover how we might take advantage of their Paratransit Services (Americans with Disabilities Act compliant).

Some advantages of this program are:

  • Door-to-door services if you cannot use the fixed route buses;
  • A personal care attendant, if needed, can ride free of charge;
  • Cost is covered by First Presbyterian Church if you are attending an FPC function (all other trips are $2.00 each way within the Paratransit covered area);
  • Companion animals are allowed, if approved;
  • Bus services are available weekdays until 11

If you would like to take advantage of this service, please apply for a permit by filling out the first seven pages of the application form (located in the Welcome Center and narthex). You may also contact Gladys Courtney at 423-737-5257.

Upcoming Fall Missions Conference 

First Presbyterian Church’s Fall Missions Conference is scheduled for November 4-7, 2018 (program specifics will be announced soon). We want to encourage your attendance during this conference. In order for you to take advantage of Paratransit Services for the conference, we would need your completed portion of this application by Monday, September 24, 2018. Johnson City Transit will respond within 21 days. Please send to:

Gladys Courtney

First Presbyterian Church

105 S Boone St

Johnson City, TN 37604

If you do not wish to attend the conference, but are interested in Paratransit Services to attend FPC functions, send the application with your portion completed (as directed above) at any time. If you are interested in Paratransit services, but not for FPC functions, you may bypass the Elder Ministry Program and send the application directly to the address on the application. You may contact Gladys with any questions you have at the number listed above.

Please help spread the word about this great opportunity!