At First Presbyterian we Glorify, Grow and Go


We believe that our core purpose is to Glorify God. To us Glorifying God is so much more than just attending a worship service. It is a lifestyle. For us, every second of every day is an opportunity to live our lives in such a way that we Glorify God. That is what we strive to do and that is what we help others do.


Life is about growth. Our goal is to experience Spiritual growth in our relationship with Jesus Christ. The more growth we experience with Him, the more growth we experience in every area of our lives. So, we have a clear strategy to help people grow with Jesus.


We aren’t selfish. We understand that God has given us so much more than we could ever repay. So, we attempt to Go into the world and give to others what God has given us. Join us and you will experience the thrill of giving your life away.

Please check out our site. See all the ways we hope to help you connect with God. We hope that you would choose to join us as we Glorify, Grow & Go.