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Hello First Johnson City Friends,

Cecily and I are heading out to the Inkiito bush area tomorrow.  We are installing a pump for the cistern and checking on the progress of the school water system installation.  It is so very dry. Many cows, goats, and sheep have died and, we fear, many young children and the elderly will be seriously threatened soon.

In addition, a new development has arisen that we ask for your special prayers. As we have been in that region, we are realizing the dire lack of water in Inkiito is duplicated in so many villages in that region. We have organized a large meeting of stakeholders from all the village regions, the regional Maasai leadership, and the Kenya Wildlife Services. We are meeting on Friday, October 6th, to discuss an exciting partnership that will possibly bring clean water to ALL these villages! Your gift made this meeting possible as we had a small amount remaining from the Inkiito work to provide seed money to facilitate the meeting.  This could be far reaching and radically change the lives of many, many people. We will have great updated information for you soon!

We look so forward to being with you on Sunday, October 22nd!


Fred Foy
The Rev. Dr. Fred Foy Strang
Founder & President, Maasai Special Projects Fund, Inc.
East Africa Partner, The Antioch Partners
Adjunct Professor of Missions, Philosophy & Religion, King University
Adjunct Associate Professor, Fuller Theological Seminary
Adjunct Professor, Presbyterian University of East Africa

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