With 5 successful years behind us, the 2016 A Different Kind of Gift Fair will be held in the Welcome Center on Sunday, December 4, 2016 from 8:15am until 12:30pm.  Church members will set up “vendor” displays offering you the opportunity to support non-profit organizations near and dear to their hearts.  So, you donate in honor of those your love and the vendors will provide you gift cards noting your gifts.  You can wrap them and continue the string of blessings as a Christmas gift uniquely theirs.

  • The gift givers are blessed.
  • The gift recipients are blessed.
  • Those supported by the work of the organizations are blessed.
  • And we all get to see God’s work!

You may donate through check or credit card, and donations can be made through the church to the organizations (must be separate checks for each organization) or directly to the organizations.  Please be sure to come with your shopping list in hand and we will help you check them off!  Have a snack and cider, enjoy the music and chat with your church family.  If you have interest in being a vendor, please contact Pam Smith at pams@mightyspike.com or 423-483-4380, or complete the vendor application by clicking on the following link.  a-different-kind-of-gift-market-application-2016

We look forward to seeing you there!